Search For Best Teen Fiction Books

There’s a huge selection to choose from when it comes to modern fantasy fiction for teenagers and that, in itself, could be a challenge. Here are summaries of some of the most popular ones, and I also selected some of them that are currently scheduled to be made into a film. Do you want to learn more? then, browse this site

Artemis Fowl Trilogy-This series of books takes a bit of an unusual position as far as children’s books go, as Artemis Fowl himself is a scientist aged twelve years and a criminal mastermind. Some book author’s name them Die Hard with Fairies! And often, the books are described as high-octane quite rip-roaring trips. It is a wildly popular book series with a wide website and even a blog. The series currently includes five novels, the first of which is simply called Artemis Fowl. The sixth book “The Time Paradox” is due to come out in July 2008.

Here, there are Dragons-The description itself is very enigmatic and harkens back to a different period. This was the term that was used by cartographers to report in unexplored ocean areas. The story’s basic premise will really appeal with teenagers who are lovers of fantasy themselves because it starts with the unlikely encounter of three teenage men John, Jack, and Charles on a rainy night in London. Those three young men we later find out are J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and Charles Williams.

The Reaches Kingdoms and Elves-This is a series of books taking place in a world of sorcery and mysteries named Ruin Mist. The book started sluggish but word of mouth made it into a best seller. It’s one of those really rewarding relatively unknown books and episodes.

Septimus Heap-This series of books makes a great replacement to Harry Potter if spells and sorcery are of strong appeal. The Main character (Septimus) is the seventh son of a seventh son, and two children swapped to birth pursue the main line of the story: a boy destined to be a sorcerer and a girl destined to be a princess. The series currently includes four novels, and the first novel was picked up by Warner Brothers and is actually being made into a film scheduled to be released in 2010.

Any of these books or shows will send teens and young adults into strange fantasy realms on a spectacular journey and no joystick or keyboard is required.